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Tiny Tzu Tips: Miracle Shih Tzu
June 17, 2015
Hello and Welcome to the Tiny Tzu Tips: Miracle Shih Tzu Newsletter

Know yourself. Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful. Ann Landers

Tip of the Month

Have you considered offering water to your Shih Tzu from a dog water bottle? If you have a Tzu that loves to dunk his entire head in the bowl rather than take sips, a water bottle may be just the thing you need to keep your Shih Tzu dry.

There are some tricks to setting up a water bottle. Find out more about Dog Water Bottle

Shih Tzu Watery Eyes

I recently had someone write to me concerning her small Shih Tzu puppy. This puppy seemed to have eyes that watered constantly and the owner was quite worried.

Puppies eyes can tear easily and many times the reason is teething. But other things can cause eyes to water. Read more about Miracle Shih Tzu Watery Eyes

If you are concerned about your Shih Tzu's eyes, you are not alone. Those gorgeous eyes are so exposed and can be hurt easily. Many things can go wrong, but that does not mean that they will. Shih Tzu Eye Problems looks at all of those things that can happen to those little eyes. Check it out, but again, let me emphasize that there are many Shih Tzu dogs that go a lifetime without one single eye problem.

Puppies are all Spoken For

We had two lovely litters and all the puppies are now on hold. They will be ready for their forever homes in the first few weeks of July. Dana had a family of four, three boys and one girl. Lucy had two lovely daughters.

We may not have puppies all the time, but we do have litters throughout the year. If you want a sneak peek at what is coming soon, be sure to visit the website. Shih Tzu Nursery A

Testimonials and Your Shih Tzu Stories

We've had several requests for a page devoted to previous puppy buyers and a separate one for everyone who has ever loved and lived with a Shih Tzu dog.

Good News: Both pages are now live and ready for your personal stories about those precious Shih Tzu dogs that share our lives.

If you are a past puppy buyer and want to tell us about how your new puppy is doing, you will want to go to the testimonial page. This page is not just for testimonials, but for your stories as well. Mircle Shih Tzu Testimonials.
If you have ever shared your home and life with a Shih Tzu dog,we want to here your stories, too. It doesn't matter where the dog came from (breeder, shelter, rescue or other), it is always nice to share notes and stories.

Remember, anything you share should be in good taste, original and of sufficient length to make a web page. Feel free to add some pictures too. Everyone loves photos! Your Shih Tzu Story

What do You Feed Your Dog

The number one question I get asked is what do you feed your dogs? At first, I chose foods based on other breeders' recommendations. Soon, however, I found that those recommendations were not as reliable as I would like. Many breeders were feeding their dogs very poorly.

The best way to save on Veterinary bills is to feed a high quality diet. But what does that mean? Well, for starters, you need to know how to evaluate dog foods so you can choose the best one.

I started doing research and found that there is a big difference between the best and the worse dog foods. I used the knowledge that I acquired to begin evaluating dog food brands. You can see some of the reviews I did at Small Dog Place -- Best Dog Food How does your dog food compare to those listed on the page?

Miracle Shih Tzu Blog

We may have added some new pages since you visited us last. Visit our blog to see if you missed anything. We add pages frequently, or at least as often as we can (that is in between, caring for, grooming, training, and everything else that goes along with living with as many dogs as we do.)

Miracle Shih Tzu Blog

Can't Find the Information You Need

Did you know I own another doggie site with tons of information not found on Miracle Shih Tzu? That's right, it is called Small Dog Place and though it is devoted to all things Small Dog, much of the information that may be "missing" from Miracle Shih Tzu can be found here. Check it out. Small Dog Place Thanks for reading,


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