Doris from Ohio

by Doris Sheaffer
(Parma Ohio)

My story with Janice is a little different I had just recently lost all 3 of my girls Precious was almost 17 Allie was 11 but she had stomach cancer and Terra was 8 she had a brain tumor I was totally heartbroken so when I say that I believe God sent me to Janice I mean it. My first baby is Moya I went to visit Janice to see what I thought of her and her puppies and I ended up spending almost 2 hours with her talking and playing with puppies my husband David asked me to wait a little while to take time to grieve for my girls so reluctantly I agreed then out of the corner of my eyes I saw something wiggling I walked over and Princess Clara was there with a brand new liter of puppies they were only 2 weeks old right then and there I picked out my baby and later on went back for a playmate for her I had been waiting for almost a year for a second one so I went to another breeder to get a puppy then I found out that the puppy I picked out was not well she died 2 days before she turned 8 weeks old the day I found out that she was sick I talked to Janice at about 1 in the morning turns out that Princess Clara had given birth to another liter that night with only 1 baby girl I asked Janice to hold her for me and so Raja came to live with me. These little girls are my pride and joy I swear that I love them more and more everyday!!! Janice saved me from total depression and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a puppy she is amazing and to say that she loves her dogs is an understatement one visit to Janice and you will know without a shadow of a doubt that she has amazing puppies I sometimes just go over to visit and play with her puppies I want one more puppy and yes I will be getting her from Janice. Thank you sooo much Janice for giving me the opportunity to meet you and to raise your precious little babies. I was going to post pictures of my darling babies but I have not figured out how to do that yet.

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Apr 09, 2015
Scary Food
by: Janice

Thank you Lisa for posting. You are right. There have been many recalls over the years for food that is highly questionable.

Even good brands that I recommend may have problems because dog food manufactures fail to announce where their food is actually made.

Take the Blue Buffalo company, for example, my dogs love Blue Buffalo and especially Wilderness Brand, a food produced by the same company. I just recently found out that much of this food is now being produced in China. This is a high quality food that has received good ratings, but if it is coming from China, I have my doubts.

It is disappointing that pet owners must do so much research into the food they intend to feed their dogs. It is also disconcerting that Dog Food Manufactures must go to such lengths to "pull the wool over our heads" so to speak. What do others have to say about this?

Apr 09, 2015
by: Anonymous

Doris from Ohio----all having stomach cancer at the same time????? There has been a lot of untimely death issues. If you have a few dogs/cats they can all die within the same timing. Tainted food from CHINA. I had a friend who lost 3 cats seemingly for no reason. Found a deadly recall on the cat food. Look where it is made. Caution, it may say "distributed by USA OR ONE OF OUR STAES". It's the "made by" that makes the difference. Hope this helps in the future. **Lisa

Apr 05, 2015
Shih Tzu Girls
by: Janice

Thank you so much Doris. You and David are exceptional pet parents and I am so glad our puppies have found such a wonderful, loving home.

It is rare that we end up with a family who has adopted two related puppies and these two sisters, both from the same mother, have fathers that are also related: Father and Son! Even though they are genetically similar, they have different personalities, each special.

Again, thank you Doris. Hope to find that perfect third puppy for you soon.

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