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My Shih Tzu Girls: Moya and Raja

by Doris

Here is a picture of my beautiful baby girls.

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Jun 13, 2015
Good post
by: Alize Blanda

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Apr 07, 2015
Beautiful Shih Tzu Girls
by: Janice

Both girls are beautiful and they came from two different litters but with the same mother, our Princess Clara whose coat is nearly all black. Moya's dad is Beannie, a solid gold male with hints of red and a black mask. Raja's Dad is Toby who is brindle with shades of red, gold and black. Toby is Beannie's son, so they are very closely related but look very different.

Remember that when trying to predict hair color in the Shih Tzu breed, you need to look much farther back in the pedigree beyond the parents or even the grandparents.

Thank you Doris, for sharing your precious girls.

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