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Here is another of our Shih Tzu Puppy Videos, filmed just for fun.  Both feature puppies from our Mr. Kool Beans who will be retiring very soon.  We call this wonderful dad, Beanie, so all of his babies are naturally Beanie Babies.  All Shih Tzu babies here at Miracle Shih Tzu progress in a very predictable developmental pattern. 

If you'd like to skip the description of puppy development, click here to be taken directly to the video about Jake, the Shih Tzu Puppy

From one to three weeks, they are relatively inactive, preferring to eat and sleep cuddled close to the warmth of their mother. They are born deaf and blind, but their eyes open by about two weeks of age, followed by their ears.  They depend on their mother to keep them warm, feed, and clean.

By four weeks of age, they are beginning to take their first wobbly steps and venture a short distance from mom so they can investigate their surroundings.  This is when they beginning to eat solid foods and drink from a water bowl, both activities are extremely messy. They are better able to regulate their body temperature and do not always require additional warmth from a heating pad.

Between four and six weeks, they increasingly get more active and steady on their paws.  They begin to interact more with their litter mates and you will see the first examples of play fighting at this point. 

By six weeks, they are much more active, competing to see who will be leader of the pack.  This changes daily.  They begin to spend more time outdoors, weather permitting and enjoy all the new sights and especially all the new smells.

Most of them have figured out how to eat out of a food bowl without sitting in it, walking through it or scattering food.  (although I wonder sometimes if someone didn't just teach them how much fun a food fight would be). 

By eight weeks, if all has gone well, the are ready to move on to their forever homes.  For more information on early puppy development, check out our Description of Development and our Milestones Page.

Please enjoy our Shih Tzu Puppy Video:  Jake as he learns to love playing in the snow.

Shih Tzu Puppy Videos:  Jake

Miracle Shih Tzu Pup

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