Thyme, Now Tucker, our Shih Tzu Boy

by Marsha

Thyme Now Tucker

Thyme Now Tucker

Thyme Now Tucker
Tucker-Thyme as a baby Shih Tzu

Well, its been a few months and I did tell you I would let you know how Thyme was doing. Wanted to share his picture just taken today. We absolutely adore him and he is doing just fine over here in the Burgh. He has adjusted extremely well, as a matter of fact he adjusted almost immediately.

He was house broken in no time at all. So he was well on his way when we picked him up from you. We can't say thanks enough. He has filled that void we had when our Toby passed last year at Christmas time. Our family along with our grandchildren adore him. We did name him Tucker. So his full name is Tucker Thyme

We truly enjoyed working with you to get him and have recommended you to other friends and family.

A Quick Note from Janice…

“Thyme” was one of our “Spice Boys” from Bebe Mocha’s very first litter with Toby Tao. Bebe is a solid liver Shih Tzu and Toby is a Brindle Tzu. They had six children, four boys and two girls. All of these children found wonderful homes, and all are doing well.

I must admit I had a little help naming this litter from another breeder, who began the name game with Violet, Tucker Thyme’s sister.

Now, just how many boy names can you come up with that are also names of flowers?

I though so.

I couldn’t come up with any ideas either, so we settled on spices. Most of the time, owner’s rename the dogs and we certainly encourage that. Sometimes, they keep the name we pick.

We enjoy picking out names, but there is also a more selfish motive to our madness. Memory Recall for my aging brain.

Sometimes I’ll use mnemonic devices, sometimes each name in a litter starts with the same letter, and in this case, every puppy is a spice.
I’m glad this Spice has a great name and is doing well.

I took the liberty of adding a baby picture of Thyme for comparison. Just in case you are wondering about Tucker’s coloration, my best guess is that he inherited his color from his paternal grandfather, Mr. Kool Beans (who's waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge)

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Oct 08, 2015
Good post
by: Sammy Murazik

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Apr 25, 2015
Color Changes
by: Janice

I too am always amazed when I see how a puppy's coat can change so quickly--either lightens or darkens and often by the time they are ready for their fist haircut. This is one breed where you never know what you are going to end up with so picking a puppy based solely on color is not such a good idea.

Apr 23, 2015
Violet and Rosemary
by: April

This was so nice to read and see a picture of my girls' brother. I am amazed at his color change! He was such a sweetheart, I can imagine his family is extremely happy with him. Thank you Janice for such wonderful puppies!

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