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Violet and Rosemary

by April
(Wadsworth, Ohio)

I met Janice in December of 2014. I was starting my search for a Shih Tzu at that time. I had spoken with several other breeders but found her to be friendly, caring and extremely knowledgeable. My daughter and I soon picked out our new puppy, Violet. We visited her when we could and enjoyed playing with her sister and brothers. It wasn't too long until I decided I had to have Rosemary, Violet's sister, too. Janice was wonderful during the whole experience and has continued to be of great support since. Thank you so very much for my girls.

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Jun 12, 2015
Good post
by: Lindsey Gutkowski

Thanks for your brilliant articles! Your niche site is great!

Apr 25, 2015
Welcoming Puppy Buyers and Visitors
by: Janice

Thank you April for those kind words. April and her daughters visited several times to witness the rapid growth of Shih Tzu puppies. It never ceases to amaze me how a little body who can't even see or hear can develop to a fully functioning dog in just 8 short weeks.

I always encourage buyers to visit if it is possible to do so. Those that do tell me they develop closer bonds with their puppies.

I enjoy sharing these experiences especially with children because I know that real life experiences such as these will always leave a lasting impression. Sure we have plenty of books, pictures on the internet, and YouTube videos, but they just don't substitute for the "real thing."

Many breeders shy away from such visits stating that more visitors just introduce germs and disease into their kennels or homes. That is always a possibility. I personally have never had that happen to me. If something did happen, I might introduce more stringent infection control protocols.

The best way to protect yourself and the puppies is through hand washing.

If you are a perspective puppy buyer, please plan to visit only one kennel per day. There is a possibility that you could spread germs from the first to the second either on your clothing, shoes or hands. Good sanitation is the best way to prevent disease.

I know I have digressed from April's note, but I think it was important to let people know they are welcome to visit as long as the visit has been arranged in advance.

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