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Puppy Video First Steps

Shih Tzu Puppy Taking their First StepsShih Tzu Puppy

In this puppy video First Steps, you'll see a couple puppies trying to walk on a variety of surfaces.  We think first steps are cute whether they are taken by a human baby or our four legged companion. 

Puppies must learn to walk just like humans and their first attempts at moving around usually involve a type of crawl. This normally begins around the third or fourth week of life and crawling gradually becomes walking.  By the fifth week of life, the puppy is tries to run.

It doesn't take long for the puppy who is inquisitive and wants to investigate his surroundings, to go from crawling, to putting weight on one or more paws to walking and then running. 

This entire process usually lasts less than one week. Not all puppies proceed at the same rate.  

The little guy in the video just doesn't see the need to walk.  After all, his mother is close by to keep him warm, cuddle, and keep him well fed.  For those puppies, a little bit of help from the humans that care for them is needed.  

Puppy development is very quick when compared to human development. 

This video is not meant as a tutorial, just something for fun.  We hope you enjoy.

Puppy Video First Steps

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