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Jun 20, 2018

Types of Dog Food for Your Shih Tzu

Types of Dog Food looks at more than six kinds of food including kibble, can, freeze-dry, frozen, dehydrated, semi moist and refrigerated.

Continue reading "Types of Dog Food for Your Shih Tzu"

Jun 11, 2018

Grooming the Shih Tzu: An Overview

Love the breed, but wonder what’s involved in grooming the Shih Tzu. Here is an overview tha covers al the basics

Continue reading "Grooming the Shih Tzu: An Overview"

Jun 11, 2018

Cleaning Shih Tzu Ears: A complete Tutorial

Cleaning Shih Tzu ears is not difficult, but it is a necessary part of the grooming routine, even if you have your Tzu professionally groomed. Here's a quick guide that will take you step by step through the process and make you an expert in no time flat.

Continue reading "Cleaning Shih Tzu Ears: A complete Tutorial"

Jun 11, 2018

Puppy Dental Care Guide

A puppy dental care resource for all new puppy owners who want to start off right

Continue reading "Puppy Dental Care Guide"

Jun 04, 2018

Shih Tzu Health: Your Guide to Common Issues in the Shih Tzu Breed

This Shih Tzu health page covers all the problems that many dogs face as well as those common to this breed.

Continue reading "Shih Tzu Health: Your Guide to Common Issues in the Shih Tzu Breed"

May 31, 2018

Available Puppies

This page shows all available puppies from Tiny Miracle Shih Tzu

Continue reading "Available Puppies"

May 31, 2018

Boy Dog Names: Tons From Which to Choose

Looking for boy dog names? Check our our extensive a to z list of popular boy names.

Continue reading "Boy Dog Names: Tons From Which to Choose"

May 30, 2018

Feeding Your Shih Tzu

Feeding your shih tzu can be more complicated than ever with so many choices. Learn about what it takes to keep your shih tzu health with the right food.

Continue reading "Feeding Your Shih Tzu"

May 26, 2018

Shih Tzu Prapso Puppies: What are they?

Shih Tzu Prapso Puppies are just typical Shih Tzu with different appearances. Learn more..

Continue reading "Shih Tzu Prapso Puppies: What are they? "

May 14, 2018

House Training a Small Shih Tzu Puppy

Getting a Shih Tzu puppy who will be seven weeks old. I live on my own and I'm in my early 60s. can you please tell me will it be easier to house train

Continue reading "House Training a Small Shih Tzu Puppy"

May 10, 2018

Solving Bad Shih Tzu Dog Behaviors Quickly and Easily

Do you know the most common Shih Tzu dog behaviors that cause problems to their owners. Check out our list of 10 common problems needing a little retraining.

Continue reading "Solving Bad Shih Tzu Dog Behaviors Quickly and Easily"

May 06, 2018

Shih Tzu Puppies For Sale in NE Ohio (Cleveland - Akron)

Quality AKC Shih Tzu Puppies for Sale in Ohio breeding for health, excellent personality and conformation.

Continue reading "Shih Tzu Puppies For Sale in NE Ohio (Cleveland - Akron)"

Apr 26, 2018

Shih Tzu Dog Ear Infection

Shih Tzu dog ear infection: All you need to know about those ears that are so prone to infections: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prevention

Continue reading "Shih Tzu Dog Ear Infection"

Apr 17, 2018

Sophie Grace my Imperial Red and White

Sophie had a pattern on her that made it look like she had wings on her back. I called them her angel wings. Unfortunately, she gained her true angel wings

Continue reading "Sophie Grace my Imperial Red and White"

Apr 17, 2018

Tigerlily, my Prapso

I got my little one 9 years ago after going to visit a litter of regular Shih Tzus. My girl was the first born in the litter and slightly larger than her

Continue reading "Tigerlily, my Prapso"

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