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How Much Do You Know About the Shih Tzu Breed?

Miracle Shih Tzu: Info for Owners and Those Who Want to Be

Have you discovered all the charm these little guys have? 

Their loving, loyal personalities,  their friendly, outgoing temperaments, their regal looks, and their outstanding ability to melt your heart! 

Are you interested in learning more about the breed?  Or, maybe you are looking for advice on how to groom or train your Tzu?

We have information here on a wide variety of topics including Feeding, Grooming, Training, Solving Negative Behaviors and living with a Shih Tzu dog. We also have a growing collection of articles on Breeding Your Shih Tzu.

Where would you like to start?

I Want to Learn About the Shih Tzu Breed

Once you've decided on a breed, you'll likely want to know as much as possible about it.  I picked this breed about forty years ago and have been studying it ever since.  As a pet owner, you're probably not that interested in studying the official breed standard, but you might want to know why and how the Shih Tzu coat tends to change colors over time.  If you love history, knowing a little about your dog's ancestors will help you understand her current temperament.  So if history is your thing, we have you covered on that too.

There is no such thing as different breeds of Shih Tzu, but you've probably encountered people who talk about imperial or teacup size Shih Tzu.  What does that even mean?  You might also be surprised that many people search out Shih Tzu mixes or hybrids and wonder what all the fuss is about.  Sometimes called designer dogs, Shih Tzu dogs are used in all types of hybrid mixes.  Perhaps you'd like to know if a Shih Tzu dog would make a good emotional support animal.  There's just so much to explore about this breed.

I Want to learn About Caring for a Shih Tzu

We tend to think about our little Shih Tzu as a child and member of the family.  They are definitely members of our families, but they still remain canine, no matter how "human" they seem at times.  I have learned over the years that my dogs have taught me so much about being a parent and teacher, but they do have their differences. 

What to feed, what not to feed, how to groom and where to begin with training are all topics that new owners or even seasoned dog lovers may want to know.

I Want to Know More About Puppies

A new puppy brings a bundle of joy and new hopes into our lives but with it also brings responsibility and a little extra work.  We have plenty of articles on the site all about puppy care, from learning how to puppy proof your home, to how to introduce your new pup to the world. 

From the very first day (and night) you will want to start off right by potty training and teaching a few house rules. 

You may even decide that you'd like to take your new puppy to kindergarten.  Later on, you will likely want to teach a few basic commands, and you may even need a few pointers on how to groom a puppy.  Maybe you'd just like to have some basic information about Shih Tzu Puppies:

I Want to Have Fun With My Shih Tzu

The companionship and love that dogs give us may be all that we need, but having fun with our dogs is also a big part of our life.  How do you spend time with your dog?  Hiking or Daily walksCar tripsOverseas vacations? 

Maybe you prefer to plan celebrations such as birthday parties  and puppy showers.  Whatever you enjoy doing, we've got you covered.  Check out our lifestyle pages for some ideas that other Shih Tzu owners are doing and don't forget to add your very special activities with your own Tzu to our collection.

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Janice Jones, Founder of Miracle Shih Tzu

Hi, I'm Janice and I'm the person behind this website.  I am also a Shih Tzu Breeder who has loved this breed since my first puppy purchased in 1979. 

There has never been a long period where we didn't own one or more Shih Tzu Dogs.  Over the years, I have learned a thing or two about the breed and hope to share some of that knowledge with you.  You can read more about my family here.

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