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Welcome to Tzu Tips Newsletter, January 2022

As it continues to get colder outside, we not only need to protect ourselves from freezing temperatures, but also our beloved Shih Tzu Dogs.

How are you doing? 

I do hope you are safe and staying healthy and warm.  

Stay safe and warm this winter

Shih Tzu dogs love the cold but particularly enjoy romping in the snow. Most Shih Tzu dogs have thick coats to protect them from the cold but not freezing temperatures. What are some ways we can keep our dogs safe in the winter?

For one thing, a warm sweater or jacket is welcome on cold days. We don’t want to feel we must stay inside when the weather is chilly, but be careful about paw care. Ice and salt on the roads can be harsh on young paws. When paws become cracked, there’s always pain involved, and many dogs will be reluctant to put weight on the paw with cracked paw pads.

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Shih Tzu Dry Skin

Dry skin is another issue that many Shih Tzu owners face when the weather turns cold and low humidity. Warm, dry air in the home can exacerbate the problem. Luckily there’s good news, and you can do simple things to improve your dog’s dry skin, some as simple as adding a little oil to your dog's daily food.

What can we do about dry skin on Shih Tzu dogs?

To Clip or Not to Cut the Coat During the Winter Months 

Many people are worried that if they clip their Shih Tzu’s hair in the winter, it will increase their baby’s discomfort. For this reason, many people do not groom their dogs all winter long. This can lead to long matted hair and even more discomfort.

Matted hair can be especially problematic if the dog regularly wears sweaters inside. The friction of the sweater and reduced number of brushings can play havoc on an otherwise healthy crop of hair. Mats are no fun at any time of the year, but if they must be clipped out in the winter, the groomer is more likely to clip the hair very short, leaving little undercoat. That means that the dog will be even colder than if he had been cared for regularly.  

The best way to solve wintertime grooming problems is to continue brushing regularly by removing the sweater every other day, brushing and combing, and then replacing it. Alternately, keep a couple of sweaters around and dress your dog in a clean sweater every couple of days. If your dog has no mats or tangles, your groomer will be able to get a clipper through the hair while still maintaining a decent length.

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