Bao Bao Tan and White, developing red stains near his mouth & nose

by Gina Rogers
(Sherman Oaks)

Bao Bao

Bao Bao

He started out reddish brown and white. He has since faded to a lighter tan and white color & is developing some staining around his mouth/nose area... I don’t think it’s his water or water, as our other pup is all white and has no noticeable staining

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Feb 08, 2020
Red staining on white hair NEW
by: Betsy

I have a liver shih tzu, but also a white coton de tulear. My coton has had red stains around his paws and eyes. The breeder I got him from said it was tear stains around the eyes and the paws was from licking his paws, possibly an allergy. Both have reduced some since coming to us, but they are still there a bit. I was pleased to read about eye grooming with wet cotton balls because I will try that on both pups. The coton gets crusty eye boogies that he likes to wipe off on me (ugh). I am his human kleenex! But it reduced the staining when he started that. Very helpful blog.

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