Bernie, the Miracle Shih Tzu

by Stephanie
(Wilmington, NC, USA)

I lost my Bouvier in April of 2015. My little girl Shih Tzu did not eat for almost two weeks.

I thought about getting another Bouv after the two weeks but could not afford one. I had looked at Shih Tzu's that were up for adoption many states away, all the way to Florida and New York.

I am in North Carolina. I had seen one in South Carolina that was so special that you could see his soul in his eyes. I finally drove down there.

A couple had come to meet him the day before but left him as he was 'too big'. I took my little girl with me. We all went out into the play yard. Beanie Baby, my little girl, would have nothing to do with Bernie. He was sooooo fat that he could hardly run around the yard but was so happy to be out of that pen.

We went into the SPCA kitchen and Beanie still would not even look at Bernie. Finally, he walked over, laid down, wrapped his bent little front legs around her and laid his head on her.

They are married forever. Bernie is the most major rescue of my life. He was 8 pounds overweight, barrel chested, bent legs (when he runs, he looks like a car out of alignment), ears that had not been cleaned for 6 full years (very scarey and unreal), infected eyes, allergies, BLACK teeth (which were cleaned by the vet and one molar had to be pulled, as it was abscessed).

He has lost two pounds in the last two months. It is slow going. He has an absolutely HUGE personality.

At first I thought he was going to bite me but it is his way of playing! He is so funny! When you hold him, he rolls his head over to the side and looks up at you with those huge eyes.

He is the total opposite of my little girl, who is very much the quite little lady.

I highly recommend that you rescue one of these little babies. They are worth every single dollar spent. A rescue of this type will cost much more than buying a new little puppy.


Thank you Lord for sending us this precious little guy, who turns 7 in July. Steph in Wilmington NC.

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