Breeding My Prapso Puppy

by Alfred Iskander

I recently bought a shih tzu male and female from the same litter. They are now 8 weeks and from the article I figured out that the male is a Prapso. I love them both.

I have a question, if my breed Prapso puppy, what will be the possibilities? more Prapso puppies? Less?none?....what the Prapso puppy will inherent in general? Stronger Prapso or srtonger shih tzu appearance?

Hi, Janice Here from Miracle Shih Tzu

Congratulations on your new puppies, Alfred.

You have asked a very good question, and I am not sure whether anyone can answer it with 100% certainty. The genetic mode of inheritance of the Prapso condition has not been studied to my knowledge, so what I say is my own opinion only and should be taken as such.

Simple genetics would suggest that the gene or genes responsible for prapso could be dominant or recessive. If this were the case, then a prapso dog would have an excellent chance of passing on the condition to at least one of the offspring. If it is a recessive trait, then it would take two dogs that carry the trait to pass it on to the offspring. All of this is assuming that the genetics is super simple.

In reality, genetics is anything but simple. Sometimes two or more genes are involved in the expression of a trait, and all would need to be present to make it work.

Most traits are the result of different types of gene expressions such as incomplete dominance (when a gene does not mask a recessive gene), incomplete penetrance (when a gene does not express itself 100% of the time to look like itself and a variety of other conditions.

To make a very complicated subject simple, if you do not want to take a chance on producing another Prapso, don't breed a prapso.

Most likely, if I had to guess, there would be a chance that at least one of the puppies in the litter would be Prapso.

In my experience, both parents that I bred that ended up with a prapso puppy were "normal" with long coats and plenty of face hair. There were always normal and prapso puppies in the litter.

If one makes the assumption that the prapso condition is a simple (Mendalin) genetics, then if two dogs have a recessive gene for Prapso, then theoretically they could produce one. If one of the parents was dominant for the trait (meaning that they expressed the train themselves) and was mated with a dog that did not have the gene(s) for Prapso, then you could expect that 50% of the puppies might end up Prapso.

In your case, I am assuming that you are not planning to breed brother to sister, as that could be a problem.

All of this is purely conjecture, though because we do not know how the genes are expressed in this condition.

I wish I could give you a more divisive answer but to my knowledge it does not exist.

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May 07, 2024
I breed prapso puppies
by: Anonymous

If you breed a prapso shihtzu to a regular you will get at least 2 prapso and 2 regular
I breed my female prapso to my reg shihtzu

Jun 25, 2016

by: Janice

I don't know if it does apply to Prapso, but that thinking does work in this breed too, when it comes to breeding great Shih Tzu dogs for show or pet.

Jun 22, 2016
Breeding Prapso Shih Tzu
by: Anonymous

Thanks Janice for your reply. I will try to post my puppies pictures so you can help me in judging if the boy is a full or partial Prapso.

A long time ago I use to breed German Shepherd and there is no such phenomena in this breed however there was a strong assumption which is: if one of the litter came up as a show dog and win a place his brother from the same litter who has the least qualifications that discard him from a show is the one who will be the stud who produces the best litter.

not sure if this could apply with Prapso.

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