Introducing Mozart, my Shih Tzu Boy

by Paola
(El Paso,Texas)

My mom's colleague's Shih Tzu had puppies and we adopted one of her sweet puppies. He is our sweet boy, Mozart.

He is an absolute ball of energy and a very lovable dog. He is very sweet to everyone, and a big attention seeker, He loves his treats but he's a picky eater.

We are absolutely in love with him. He's always so happy to see us when we come home. He's almost a year old and he's very spoiled.

Hi, Janice here from Miracle Shih Tzu
Your little Mozart is extremely cute and quite a handsome little guy. He has such an expressive face and look. Love his colors and markings.

You mention some special traits of your Mozart that is very common in the breed. Long-time Shih Tzu owners will likely identify with many of those personality quirks and typical behaviors.

1. Attention Seekers
2. Picky eater
3. So happy to See You when you return whether you're gone for five minutes or five hours.
4. Treat lover

Shih Tzu dogs crave attention and will do whatever is necessary to get your attention, from waking you up in the morning to insisting you play, to refusing to take no for an answer when they want some cuddle time.

Some Shih Tzu dogs extend this attention-seeking behavior to everyone they meet and others are a little more reserved with strangers. Being reserved with people they don't know doesn't mean they are shy but rather just a little more discriminating with who to love and be best friends.

Picky Eaters are very common in this breed. If you have one that loves to eat, consider yourself lucky. Some owners have told me they gone through tons of different food brands to find one their dog will enjoy.

Most dogs will eat eventually but if the treats are amazing, most Shih Tzu dogs will hold out for treats in lieu of their regular dog food. They are very smart and have an uncanny way of outsmarting their owners. Keep that in mind when you try to train your dog. Just who is training who?

The so Happy to See reaction we receive after being away for awhile is not restricted to the Shih Tzu dogs. Rather it seems to be a universal trait among all dogs. Dogs are social creatures and you are no doubt their favorite person. They adore you, they live for you, and all of this is become evident as more scientists are studying dog cognition, senses and emotions. Scientists are just confirming what long-time dog owners have always known intuitively. Dogs, well, just love us, and we love them too.

Treat Lover: This is one breed that love treats, whether they are store-bought, home-made or even supplements that are tasty. Anything that tastes or smells a little different is normally accepted with gusto. As Shih Tzu lovers, we do need to aware that the breed can also be prone to obesity, so we must choose our treats with as much caution that we chose our dog food.

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