Maggie My Black Shih Tzu Sweetheart or Lhasa?

by Joy (JP)

I am glad to read some posts about Shih Tzu colors that eventually encouraged me to share my story here. Maggie is my 3-month-old Shih Tzu.

I am confused with her hair color because she was born black with brown at the tip of her hair and that brown color eventually disappeared as time went by.

Actually, last month I decided to attend a pet Christmas party where some of the officers of PCCI or Philippine Canine Club, Inc are present.

I was glad that I will be able to have Maggie registered and start the line with her since I bought her from my friend without any papers. But I was told that both Maggie's parents are Shih Tzu.

I was really disappointed because they refused to have my dog listed that day and told me that Maggie isn't a Shih Tzu but a Lhasa apso. How can it be if Maggie's parents are Shih Tzu?

Maybe they are confused because of her color. Anyway, not a big deal. What is important to me now is I have a very sweet, smart and energetic pet. She is really amazing. She is now all black and I can't see her when the light is out.

Hi Janice Here From Miracle Shih Tzu
I just wanted to add my two-cents to your great story, Joy. Many people get confused between Shih Tzu dogs and Lhasa apso.

Well bred examples of both breeds are easy to differentiate, especially at dog shows where the dogs come as close to the breed standard as they can.

Shih Tzu dogs have a much shorter muzzle that is placed higher up on the head and just below the eyes. The Lhasa will have a slightly longer muzzle and it sits a little lower on their face.

Both breeds can come in all colors including black, so color is not a way to tell them apart.

There isn't much difference in size, but generally, the Lhasa is a bit bigger than the Shih Tzu.

Personality wise, The Shih Tzu may be friendlier and trusting of everyone whereas the Lhasa will be more reserved with strangers.

These are just generalizations, though and there is always some overlap when it comes to these breeds especially if a puppy comes from a breeder that does not have registered parents. The most reputable breeders want to breed to the standard and will choose parents very carefully. 😂

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