Minnie, the One in a Billion Dog!

by Ted and Julie Field
(Missoula Montana USA)

Minnie, Our Beautiful Prapso Puppy

Minnie, Our Beautiful Prapso Puppy

We got our Prapso totally unexpectedly. My Wife wanted a Shih Tzu forever and decided to get one in Chicago while working there.

She Answered a Craigslist ad and picked one out. She based her decision on the most playful and lively puppy left out of the litter.

A few weeks later she started to think our new puppy was not a full blood Shih Tzu. She looked and looked on the internet trying to find an explanation as to why she wasn't getting long hair. Plus She seemed to be maturing and learning at a faster rate than any other puppy we had raised.

She came across very little info.

Eventually she decided that we had not a regular Shih Tzu but a Prapso. We just absolutely adore her. We call her a 1 in a billion dog based on the findings of very little info and Facebook even only has a small group of us.

She is the most loving dog that we have ever seen. She is smart and has a personality more of a human sometimes than a dog.

She is afraid of most everything especially cats and other big dogs. Fireworks and gunshots and the dark terrify her as well as certain little sounds that we are baffled why she gets so scared.

We noticed her eyesight at times seems not good up close but we notice her staring at birds and airplanes way up in the sky- sometimes things we can barely even see.

She loves to play fetch and loves treats especially turkey hotdogs. She is way bigger than a normal Shih Tzu and has the single hair coat. She sheds like crazy each heat she goes into.

Another peculiar thing we notice is that she doesn't seem to feel immediate pain or at least that we notice.

She has hurt her back, near her hind legs and the vet told us she slipped a disc. It has bothered her periodically over the past 2 years. She is 4 years old can do amazing tricks and is the best dog in the world.

I would love to know more about Prapso if they all act like her or if it's lucky we got such an awesome dog. Most of the ones I have seen in the Facebook group have similar looks to her.

I compare it to down syndrome in humans (not saying she is less intelligent because we think the opposite but just looks wise how most down syndrome all look similar.

Do you know if bred with another Prapso, will the puppies be more Prapso or Shih Tzu? There are a lot of things about Minnie that I am probably forgetting to mention, but if anyone has any questions we are happy to answer them. Thanks- Ted and Julie Field.

Hi, Janice Here from Miracle Shih Tzu

Thank you, Ted and Julie for sharing Millie's amazing story with us. She is obviously an amazing dog, very intelligent, more prodigious than the average puppy, and outgoing. She is also super cute.

Unfortunately, there isn't much information out there where Prapso Dogs are concerned. I think that you are spot on where the Prapso is concerned:

1. One single coat that doesn't continue to grow to the floor.
2. Highly intelligent, clever, and advanced compared to other puppies of the same age.

Millie also shows typical temperament characteristics of all Shih Tzu dogs and also some quirks that may be unique to Millie.

1. All Shih Tzu dogs are playful and many are amazing "fetch" players. Most Shih Tzu love toys, playing with other Shih Tzu, and especially playing with their favorite person.

2. As far as fears are concerned, there are many dogs that suffer from fears. Shih Tzu as well as other breeds are susceptible and may develop unexpectantly. Sometimes it has nothing to do with you but the fear may have developed before you even picked up your puppy. Sometimes the canine mother may have fears that are passed on to her puppies.

3. As far as her pain threshold is concerned, I haven't heard that correlated to Prapso, but it is an interesting thought. Do Prapso puppies have a higher pain tolerance than other dogs? I cannot answer that. I can tell you that even within a litter there is a wide difference between those puppies who shake off any painful stimuli to those puppies at cry at the drop of a hat. These tendencies seem to emerge by as young as five weeks of age.

Those with a low pain tolerance, tend to cry easily, freak out with vaccinations, even stress when another dog tries to initiate a friendly play session. On the opposite end are those puppies that don't seem bothered by anything.

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Jan 31, 2022
Cross breed Prapso NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello. I have my long haired chihuahua mated with a male Prapso. The puppy is just too adorable. He looks more of Prapso physically on the coat, the eyes are amazing. I think the eyes was 50/50 and very amazing result. I don't know if I can post pic of this cute half chi half Prapso , Winter here.

Apr 26, 2020
Would LOVE to talk and compare
by: Tami

Seeing your story made my day... especially in light of our current situation. I have so many wonderful things to say about my Bella-Boo and would love to share. You can contact me direct at misstami1028@hotmail.com. Also I'd like to know about the Facebook page you mentioned!!

Puppy hugs and stay safe!! 🐾🐾🐾

Apr 26, 2020
Prapso shihtzu NEW
by: Anna

I have a Prapso shihtzu who is 9.5 years old. She is very smart and affectionate. Just like your baby, Coco is afraid of the fireworks and thunder (but what dog isn’t?).
Coco also has poor eye sight. When she turned about 7 she developed iris atrophy (her pupils are always displayed) and now she is getting a small cataract on one of her eyes. He always leave a bit of light on at night for her, for example a night light light in the bathroom and it makes her feel better.
Health wise she’s been having irritable bowel disease since she was a puppy. We cook for her. She likes fresh food, no older than two days old. Yes, she’s spoiled. She is my princess and she knows it. She’s the love of my life (I hope my husband and my kids don’t read this, lol!)
You can follow her on IG at @cocoresnick

Oct 02, 2017
Thanks Tammi
by: Ted Field

Thank you Tammi! We are in awe of how special she is. The most loving and well behaved dog I have ever seen. We have a miracle is the best way to describe her. Her only flaw in her perfect existence is that she loves to eat other dog poop or cat poop and is obsessed with it. We don't know how to break her of it. Thanks for your comment and congratulations to you on Bella

Jun 18, 2017
I ❤ my prapso
by: Tami aka Bella's mommy

First off... congratulations!! I also, accidentally got a Prapso and they are amazing. I got two shih-tzus from the same breeder - different litters. Like you it was some time before the differences became apparent. And like you I questioned her breeding. Ours both look a lot alike but Bella knows NO FEAR....she runs like a Greyhound and believes shes a Rottweiler!! I have checked and the general answer is that breeding, even with another Prapso, doesn't guarantee anything. Good luck to you all. I have pics on this site but not sure how to access. Email me if you'd like to and I'll gladly send pics. misstami1028@hotmail

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