Miss Zoey B. Gruntz-Coleman, Partial Prapso

by Ashley Coleman
(Raleigh, NC)

Miss Zoey B, Partial Prapso

Miss Zoey B, Partial Prapso

My mother is writing this for me as I cannot write. I am a 16-year-old Shih Tzu who while not completely a Prapso my mother believes I have qualities of a Prapso.

I never developed the long double coat of a Shih Tzu. Instead, mine is a single silky-curly layer that tends to stick out.

My nose and face are different, smaller and more like a bear giving me a unique look. I also have a distinct ridge above my nose, but not like a full Pekingese. I was born, the runt of a litter of seven brothers and sisters, and I am still very small, with 12-pounds being my heaviest.

I have a different gait and stand differently than other Shih Tzu, but I am very sweet as my Mommy says.

I have lived a long time. A good life. Due to my "smooshed" face. I grunt like a piglet, but my parents say it makes me their "little piggy".

I have the "flower face" when my hair gets longer, but my hair grows different, it doesn't go out it goes down so my parents keep it short.

I have also managed to learn very quickly. I do not like to play fetch, but I do like to wrestle even at my age.

I have not had the eye health issues like my brothers and sisters. Due to my size I had hernias and was underweight when I came home with my parents, but I am okay now.

I have had bladder stones and I have a cataract in one eye. I was never bred (too risky with my hernias so they took all of that out at once). Still, I am loved and I love my life no matter what I am.

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Nov 17, 2017

by: Janice

I am so sad for your loss. Our dogs do become our best friends and when they are gone, a hole is often left in our heart.

Please don't beat yourself up, though. Grieve and remember the good times and things you enjoyed the most, but all those could-a, should-a, ought-a 's just make us feel more miserable.

Someday, when you have had time to grieve and heal, you may again have that special friendship with another fur baby.

AND, that advice you gave to Miss Zoey's mom was very good for anyone with a special love for dogs. I wanted to repeat it here.

Never take a second for granted when you are with your friend.

Nov 15, 2017
Precious Fur Baby
by: TJ

I so enjoyed reading about you Miss Zoey B. Gruntz-Coleman.I am so excited for your mom that you have reached 16 years old and seem to be very healthy even now.I just lost my best, sweetest lil girl in the world - My JoJo, Sunday morning to someone who was so careless and just selfish.I am still so very,Very heartbroken.My JoJo was just too young. I keep replaying those early morning hours thinking that if I had just gone outside with her, she would still be here. But she is gone. Nevermore to give me her kisses, pat me on my face, or run wildly through the house like she was being chased. Remind your mom Miss Zoey, to never take a second for granted when you and she are together.

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