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My First Prapso

by Terri
(Auburn, Alabama)

We were looking for a new furbaby Shih Tzu. We found a breeder in Athens Ga about a 3 hour drive from us. It was the last one. She looked adorable in the picture but when we got there something just didn't look right about her. Not knowing what a Prapso Shih Tzu was, I asked the breeder. He showed me her mom and dad's registration papers so I went ahead and got her. When I registered her I also got her pedigree (4 generations back).

I talked to people online till I finally found out that she was called a Prapso Shih Tzu --low maintenance, easy to groom and very sweet.

We have never been happier with a dog in our lives. Two days ago she gave birth to her first litter of 5. I'm hoping at least one is a Prapso.

I love the look and the ease of care of them and they seem a bit smarter than our other furbabies. (not to take anything away from them they are adorable and smart too).

Hello, Janice Here from Miracle Shih Tzu

Thank you for sharing your story here. Hopefully, I can speak for everyone who has had a Prapso Puppy...they are very much Shih Tzu, but they have something special and I think you described them perfectly. Your Prapso mom is beautiful and the puppies are amazing.

It seems like it takes me about 6 weeks to know for sure about the differences in the puppies, that is to identify a possible Prapso. That was not always the case, though, as my first Prapso came as a complete surprise to me too.

Good luck with the litter and I'm hoping that you'll post again when the puppies get a little bigger.

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