Prapso Puppy

by Nelson

This is Boomer at 10 weeks old

This is Boomer at 10 weeks old

I have this sweet puppy, who by the characteristics described here, is a Prapso. I had a certified groomer and vet tech tell me that is bull.

There is no such thing and that I have a puppy that is definitely not a full blooded Shih Tzu.

The person I got him from says he is, although his mother is not registered. The groomer and vet tech told me that no responsible breeder would breed an unregistered dog to a registered dog.

I got him for a pet, not to breed or show, and that is why I chose a local man who is what I guess would be considered a backyard breeder.

Anyway, I would love to know that this is a legit condition and real, and that my puppy is a full blooded Shih Tzu just because that is what I wanted and paid for.

He certainly looks different and has no long hair at all. But, I love him. My biggest problem with this is feeling foolish.

I feel I was possibly bamboozled and taken for a fool and apparently I am. I had planned to let him breed at least once, but now that is out of the question.

I have been told to get him fixed as soon as he is old enough and never to let him breed. Anyway, thanks for your info.

Hi Janice Here from Miracle Shih Tzu

I always like to add my two cents for what it is worth and wanted to address the issues around registration and whether this condition is real or not.

Dog Registrations

I see a lot of confusion about dog registration and want to make a couple of important points. In the United States, there is only two reputable kennel organizations: the American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club. Other countries have their national kennel agencies such as the Canadian Kennel Club or the Kennel Club in England. You will see many different registries if you do an internet search, but most were set up to assure anyone could have "papers" if they paid a fee. These types of clubs do not keep the type of stud books that AKC does.

Any AKC Dame or Sire that has registration papers with full breeding rights can register their litter with the American Kennel Club. As a breeder, you generally pay twice as much for Full Registration as opposed to Limited Registration. This is likely why "backyard breeders" do not mess with all the additional paperwork and responsibility.

AKC does not guarantee the quality of the puppy, whether the puppy is pet or show quality, or even if the pet has the right temperament or conformation. Even puppy mill may be able to register their dogs.

AKC, however, has safeguards in place that not only protect the public but the breeder. Dogs need to be DNA (at present only frequent sires), and they do periodic kennel inspections. Not only does this organization organize all types of dog events, but it also participates in a wide variety of endeavors such as health research and education.

An AKC registration does not mean a puppy is better

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Nov 16, 2023
Prapso indeed! NEW
by: Ashley

We got a prapso. He’s full shih tzu, people just don’t know enough about them. He’s amazing even better than a "normal" shih tzu because up keep is wayyyyyy easier and he’s so so so smart! Enjoy it you scored big time!

May 11, 2021
Prapso NEW
by: Anonymous

I had the the story which I purchased a shitzu puppy for my wife. He looked like a shitzu puppy till almost 2 months, where then we noticed he didn't have the same coat. I too thought I was bamboozled, and notified the person which I had purchased him from. He assured me he was pure and sent me picks of his siblings. I saw both parents when I picked him up, so I accepted the fact that he was shitzu. We had a DNA test done and the results came back 100% shitzu. We really didn't care from the beginning of his purity, we loved him at first site. We were curious though, and then we found out about Prapso's. We then realized it was meant to be, and that we came to meet and he belonged to our family. He seems very bright, vocal, and just a joy to watch his personality grow. We love our boy. P.S. Our vet and others also told us that he wasn't pure shitzu. They were surprised by the DNA results and learned something new. (DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER) 😃😂

Apr 28, 2020
Pure bred NEW
by: Zoey's mom

Just an FYI, as others have mentioned, propsos come from 2 pure bread shih tzus (or lapso apsos). I think your vet tech is just that - a tech (not a veterinarian) and a certified groomer is nothing more than a beautician for dogs. Neither of their training gets into the depths of Doggie DNA. I can assure you, propsos are pure bred, now I can't tell you if yours is a true propso, or if its parents were pure bred.
If you can find a way to do it, I would have your dogs DNA tested and show your results to your friends. From what I've read elsewhere, propso DNA shows as pure shih tzu even though their physical traits are different. It might be worth the effort to see the look on their faces when you prove them wrong. Lol

Jul 16, 2019
Totally Understand Your Confusion
by: Angie D

I purchased an affordable Shih Tzu to be part of my family. Right after I got my puppy, I noticed she was not looking like any Shih Tzu I'd ever seen. I questioned the person I bought her from. I had gotten pick of the litter. Emmie was so precious we were drawn to her. When I questioned her if there was anything mixed in, her response was thumbs down.

My next step was to do a DNA test. I was so confused with her changing looks. So abut 10-12 weeks I did a test. 2 weeks later, the results were in. She was 75% Shih Tzu. She had 12.5% of both Pekingese & Maltese. In her Great Grandparents, 1 side was half Maltese bred to Shih Tzu & the other side was half Pekingese bred to Shih Tzu. All the next generations were Shih Tzu breedings. But while waiting on the results, I found this site. It discussed Prapso. While some say it can only come in pure Shih Tzu it's the only thing that made sense.

With that said this puppy has truly been a Miracle Shih Tzu. She brought my family closer. She has a unique personality that transformed us in more ways. She was 4 months yesterday. And in those 2 months my confusion, I have finally decided that she is a blessing. Enjoy your baby, because he is really special!

May 26, 2016
Your vet is WRONG
by: Tami

I felt the same way when I was told I had a prapso.... then I did the research and it is VERY legit. I also bought my babies for pets and not show and while it was a surprise I wouldn't trade Bella for world. Put your mind at ease and Google it. So kuch about their personality etc will be very clear. Enjoy your baby. Tami

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