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Our Shih Tzu Moms

Meet Our Shih Tzu Moms and all the other Ladies that keep us company and allow us to live in their home.  

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see our little girls. 

These gals are first and foremost our family pets.  They live in our home and many enjoy sleeping with us or my kids.  They are not for sale.

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Adult Shih Tzu DameHanna

Meet Hanna

This is our little Hanna Savanah, daughter of our Precious Smores and Handsome Mr. Kool Beans

She is gold with a black mask, but throws liver babies. Her hair has been known to change from golden to a red-orange.   She is my adventurous girl--likes to find a challenge and always on the go--especially if it means a quick run, a fast game, or a neck rub.

Adult Black and White Shih TzuDana Tzu

Meet Little Dana Tu

Dana is the daughter of our Zoey and Fletcher and weighs in at just shy of 9 pounds.  She is a lovely black and white Shih Tzu. 

All of our parents who are black have the non-fading gene, so they remain black throughout their life.

Liver Adult Shih Tzu DameBebe Mocha

Bebe Mocha

She is a beautiful Liver Colored Shih Tzu, sweet and mild mannered, and a great little mom.

She is the daugther of our Chocolately Smores and Sir Fletcher and is a solid light Chocolate with liver points.  Very sweet and ever by your side. 

Blue Shih TzuLucy

Lucy in The Sky, Our Blue Shih Tzu

Here's our little Lucy in the Sky--Still a puppy but with great potential.  She is a rare Blue with a super thick coat that resembles Shotgun metal.  She loves everyone but still has a lot of puppy left in her

Tiny Shih Tzu GirlMei Ling

Sweet Mei Ling

Little Mei Ling is a sweet little girl, the smallest of our moms, but still a great mom.  She's daughter to Dana and Granddaughter to Zoey, so when she has puppies, mom and grandmom are right there to help.

Brindle Colored Shih Tzu named GabbyGabby

Gabriella Gal

She's still young and hasn't had a litter yet; we're waiting for her to grow just a little more.  She is mostly brindle with a little white and has a variety of other colors in her pedigree.  She is daughter to Toby Tao.

Lilah, a Miracle Shih Tzu MomLilah, a Miracle Shih Tzu Mom

Delilah Rose

Lilah was a first time mom late last year.  She proved to be excellent, just like her own mom.  Between litters she likes to "babysit" the little ones from other mothers.  I think she likes those babies.  Super sweet and cuddly, she's a quick learner.

Poppy, Female Shih TzuPoppy Longstocking

Poppy Longstocking

Poppy is super friendly greeting everyone she sees as her old lost friend.  She's also entertaining, lovable, and ready to please.  She hasn't had a litter yet, but it won't be long now.

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