Shih Tzu Treats

Peerless Shih Tzu Treats for Dog Training and Health - An Outright Guide!  
Guest Post by Robert Michael

Shih Tzu treats make great training tools.Happily say yes to train your dog with praise, affection, and treats!

Positive reinforcement for dogs is very much exigent to keep your puppies, or small dogs galvanized.

The reward training of the dog is literally useful and keeps them prompt to learn effectively and efficiently. Most of the dogs love to eat a lot, especially Shih Tzu puppies.

The ambush of the reward will persuade them to respond accurately and with full focus to your commands to earn the reward.

Reward Training Guidelines

There are many things to understand about the reward training before starting it with your dog like:

  • What kind of response you want from your puppy
  • Taste is clamorous
  • Perfect Reward
  • Always consider your dog's need
  • But also keep in mind that treats should be small in quantity because the most quantity of reward or treat will lead your dog towards different health problems and obesity.

You have to manage everything related to your dog's training and rewards because the good reward or treat makes him more efficient to follow your commands and repeat the good behavior again.


Positive beefing up is one of the strongest tools for you to train your dog.

By increasing the power of treats or rewards that are primal to your dog (food), you can make the task of training easier and conducive for the dog.

But to apply this reward- oriented method cogently, you need to follow the simple and easy guidelines:

Guidelines for Using Shih Tzu Treats

Time is the Most Important Thing - Everything takes a bit time to work properly, all you need to do is to stay humble and positive.

Keep it Short and Understandable by using Tools - Always try to keep your commands simple and short so that your dog can easily understand them like:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Come
  • Leave it
  • Watch me
  • Heel, etc.

Shaping Behavior - Teach him good behaviors and manners.

When to give a Treat and when to give Punishment to Your Dog - Choose According to his Behavior.

Positive motivation is much important for the dog to follow your order, and it also teaches him the good behavior techniques. It will also keep your dog interested in training sessions.

Reward him for his good behavior, attitude, energy, effort, and activeness.

Reward him with a different variety of treats.

But make sure that don't ever reward him for his bad and unwanted behavior and attitude because it will make him learn wrong manners.

So be very careful while training your dog!

A quick glance - At the important features of the ideal treat for a small dog or puppy:

Ideal Shih Tzu Treats

  • Size - less in quantity to maintain the health and weight of the dog.
  • Convenience  - easy to carry with you while training.
  • Health - the most important factor, always keep in mind while rewarding.
  • Delicious Taste - tastier treat lures more towards itself.

The Points to Remember:

  • Treats should always be up to 10% of your dog's diet, not more than that.
  • Also, try to feed him with regular food to maintain the taste and health.

The Most Enduring Shih Tzu Treats

Below mentioned are some important suggestions to treat your dog like a king!

  • Feed them with hot dogs as a treat
  • Feed them with cheese sticks so that they can enjoy the treat and follow your commands well
  • Packaged training treats
  • Chicken, the plain chicken (cooked) is great for training dogs, to reward them
  • Meat Rolls

Check this Legit Review Machine infographic to know about how to feed your puppies the right way!


Some dogs are very much food oriented, but some can only give you a positive response for your affection and attention. Toys also work instead. Make sure the health, taste and need of the dog while giving the reward.


Don't decrease the quantity of reward at once, as this will make them frustrated. The better you treat your dog during training, the better companion you will get.

Robert is professional dog trainer having an experience of almost 8 years now. And he loves to contribute to the pets blog to enjoy his passion. I write free of cost for the pets blog, do you have? Contact me

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