Vets: Greedy or Just Wanting to Do the Right Thing?

by Sharon Seal

Lord Byron before and after rescue

Lord Byron before and after rescue

Lord Byron - Blk/Wht rescue dog Passed on 8-26-17

I fostered my lil guy and tried to find him a home. I finally realized I was going to be his one and only momma.

He was very timid and I'm sure suffered from abuse while living on the streets. He was smelly but I grew to love him anyway.

Not many would go to pet him or talk doggy talk to him. When I'd pick him up, he'd put his little head on my shoulder. I had him for 2-1/2 yrs. He had a small tumor/cyst near his neck. I consulted with 4 vets and decided on one, based on YELP reviews and the fact that she wanted to extract only 2 teeth.

Well, I was tricked. She pulled 8 teeth, lasered a cyst knowing he had abnormal kidney results, a heart murmur, a broken jaw. He passed away 10 days later, killed by a greedy vet for $1100.

My poor baby's teeth were pulled because he had halitosis. I really believe vets make their quota off dental procedures with animals. Watch out I learned the hard way.

Hi, Janice Here from Miracle Shih Tzu

What a heartbreaking story and so very sorry for your loss.

I too have been struggling with what to make of vets these days. Some are amazing, don't charge an arm and a leg and still get the job done, others seem to be in it for the money.

This is not a new phenomenon. My first experience with a greedy vet happened back in the 70s when I got my first dog as an adult.

It doesn't seem to matter how fancy their facility is.

It doesn't really follow whether they are brand new to the profession or have been practicing for years.

I'm hoping that all who read this will weigh in with their opinions.

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Sep 17, 2017
No words...
by: Tami

OMG this story made me CRY!! What a horrible vet... someone who is supposed to dedicate their lives to helping animals... you are in my prayers.

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