Watery eyes

by Chelsey

I just bought a shih tzu he is 10 weeks old and his eys are watery all the time is this normal or is it a problem? The lady told me it was probably from him teethibg im really worried please help me!!!!!

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Jun 17, 2015
Tear Stains
by: Janice

Oh, those ugly eye and face stains. I definitely know what you are going through. I have one dog that a struggle with all the time and she was a former show dog! I also have a Maltese which has really bad stains.

Not everything works on all dogs, but some suggestions might be:

1. Massage the eyes, just below the eyes on either side of the nose. Use your thumb and forefinger to gently massage the area directly under the eyes. Do this a couple of times a day for a week or two and see what happens. Continue to clean as you have been.

2. Use a powder solution of 1/2 boric acid (Not Borax) and 1/2 corn starch. Use a thin makeup brush or baby tooth brush to brush powder on to area where the stain is located and leave in. Brush or comb out daily and repeat. The solution you are currently using has mild boric acid it it.

3. Ask your vet about getting the tear ducts flushed. Sometimes that works, but it's not worth doing if you have to do it every month.

Good Luck.

Jun 17, 2015
Clean the tear stains
by: Anonymous

I am contact wear and clean my lens to remove the protein from the lens. I thought why can't I use this on my baby to remove the protein deposits around her eyes. So I tried it with a cotton swab and wow It removed the dry protein from her hair. I use Re-Nu which is an all purpose saline solution by Bausch & Lomb. As a result it cleans her hair near the eyes, It did not completely clean the existing stains. It does prevent new stains I do this daily. I have not found anything to completely remove the existing stains other than to cut them. Please advise if you know of something. I have tried angel eyes, white eyes and other pet store solutions which did nothing at all. Thank you.

Jun 09, 2015
watery eyes
by: chelsey

Thank you so much:)

Jun 09, 2015
Shih Tzu Watery Eyes
by: Janice

One of the most stunning facial features on a Shih Tzu, whether they are puppy or adult is his or her dark round eyes. The eyes are even more pronounced when they appear larger in relationship to the rest of the face.

Many of us fall in love with those eyes, especially on puppies who seem to gaze into our own eyes as if they could read clear through to our soul.

But with all the good looks, many Shih Tzu puppies are plagued with eyes that tear easily, causing their hair and skin to remain damp.

Sometimes this is a result of teething, as you mentioned in your post. If teething is the culprit, then the tearing should subside by about six months of age.

Sometimes puppies' eyes tear because the hair around their eyes is growing at the same rate as they are growing, making it easy for stray hairs, eye lashes and sometimes whiskers to poke at the eyes, irritating them and making them tear.

Naturally, there are two options for stray hairs finding their way to the eyes. Either trim them back so they are too short to get near the eyes or train them to lay flat, under and above the eyes.

If you want to grow a topknot and mustache that lay to the side of the nose, you should never trim the hairs.

A tiny bit of petroleum jelly on the hairs will help train them to lay in the direction you want them to eventually fall. You should do this at least once daily, but if your puppy's hair is growing rapidly, it is helpful to do this twice a day. Always use a cotton ball moistened with warm water around the eyes and remove any caked debris. Then apply a tiny dab of Vaseline or petroleum jelly just below the eyes. Avoid getting any in the eyes.

If you do decide to trim the hair, purchase a small pair of scissors with blunt tips. Remove just a little hair at a time. Hold the scissors so they are never perpendicular to the eyes. This would scare even a big human like me.

Sometimes, hair is not the only problem. Dirt, pollen, and dust can irritate the eyes. Windy days can be a problem because the shape and prominent location of the eyes on a Shih Tzu make them a great target for anything blowing in the wind.

Occasionally a Shih Tzu's eyes will tear for other reasons. (See my article on Shih Tzu eyes).

When you take your puppy in to see a vet for shots and check ups, always assure that they check the eyes thoroughly. If they suspect anything, they may suggest an antibiotic eye ointment.

There are veterinary ophthalmologists that can provide a thorough eye exam if your vet suspects that something more serious is brewing in your dog's eyes.

With a tiny puppy, the normal causes of excessive tearing is either teething or irritation due to hair or other debris getting close to the eye.

Please visit my page Shih Tzu Eye Problems for more information about eye issues.

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