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Yoshi my Dark Brown, Black and White Shih Tzu Boy

This is Yoshi at 10 weeks.

This is Yoshi at 10 weeks.

This is Yoshi at 10 weeks.
Yoshi at 12 weeks, can see the light brown where the white flare is.
Front view at 12 weeks old.

We just got a beautiful Shih Tzu puppy. His name is Yoshi. He is a tri-color, mix of dark brown, white, and some black on his face. When we got him at 10 weeks old, he had a white flare on his head. But at 12 weeks, I am noticing that the white flare is turning light brown and the whites are going away. I have read that most shih tzu turn lighter or their colors fade, but I have not read that they will be losing their white markings. Is this common? By the way, his brother is an all-white shih tzu.

Hi, Janice Here from Miracle Shih Tzu

Congratulations on your new puppy, Yoshi. He is definitely a cutie!

Shih Tzu dogs are such a surprise when it comes to color. Some lighten, some darken, some change colors completely. AND, it is not always so easy to predict.

When it comes to puppies just naming the color on the registration paperwork can be a challenge.

Normally puppies do not loose their white markings, but the surrounding hair comes in and overpowers the white, making it appear less.

Just looking at your pictures, though makes me wonder if the root hair is actually looking more like a light tan or gold.

If the roots were always a darker color, it is possible to see it grow out as the puppy gets a little older. In my experience, that is a little unusual, but not impossible.

It will be especially interesting to see what happens when he gets his first haircut. Haircuts often change the color entirely.

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Jun 21, 2016
by: Sam Song

Thanks Janice. I guess he is special. All his browns now are turning lighter already. Interesting color really. I can't wait to see what his adult color will be but he is more beautiful than ever.

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