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Puppy Video First Steps

Shih Tzu Puppy Taking their First StepsShih Tzu Puppy

A Puppy's First Steps

In this puppy video First Steps, you'll see a couple puppies trying to walk on a variety of surfaces for the first time.  We think any first steps are cute whether they are taken by a human baby or our four legged companion. 

Puppies must learn to walk just like humans and their first attempts at moving around usually involve a type of crawl. This normally begins around the third or fourth week of life and crawling gradually becomes walking over the course of a week.  By the fifth week of life, the puppy is tries to run.

It doesn't take long for the puppy who is inquisitive and wants to investigate his surroundings, to go from crawling, to putting weight on one or more paws to walking and then running. 

This entire process usually lasts less than one week. Not all puppies proceed at the same rate, however.  

Variation in Timing of First Steps

The little guy in the puppy video First Steps just doesn't see the need to walk.  After all, his mother is close by to keep him warm, cuddle, and keep him well fed.  For those puppies, a little bit of help from the humans that care for them is needed. 

It is about this same time, that breeders will offer the puppies their first taste of mushy version puppy food.  Curiosity often gets the best of the puppy and they will make attempts to walk just to sample the new taste sensation.

The time when puppies begin to walk vary from litter to litter.  Some litters are very precocious and will attempt the to walk at 3 weeks of age. Other litters don't even bother walking until they are almost five weeks old.  Why this discrepancy?

You might think a timing issue as short as a couple of weeks means nothing.  After all a human baby normally starts to scoot around at six months but often doesn't take their first steps until nearly a year old or later.

Puppies develop quickly going from a near helpless individual when born to a fully functioning "child" by 8 weeks of age and old enough to leave their mother.  When you consider this time frame, 2 weeks is a long time.

Normal development encompasses a range rather than an absolute time frame. In my experience, subsequent litters born to the same mother generally walk at about the same time compared to other litters.  I have not been able to find any information concerning the genetic link but there does seem to be a maternal one.  

Very nurturing, attentive moms tend to have puppies that will walk a bit later than those who come from what I call part time moms.  These are the Dams that perform all duties such as feeding, cleaning but spend less time with their litter.

Puppy development is very quick when compared to human development. 

This video is not meant as a tutorial, just something for fun.  We hope you enjoy.  If you are interested, please check out our pages on puppy development and puppy development milestones.

Puppy Video First Steps

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