Shih Tzu Nail Supplies

Shih Tzu nail supplies should be part of your grooming toolbox, even if you use a professional groomer.  Why, you might ask?

by Janice Jones     |Last Updated 02-18-2020

Nails grow fast and even though you plan to use a professional groomer, your Tzu's nails will need to be clipped between sessions.

There is also the possibility that your Shih Tzu could damage or break one of his nails and a clipper or file will often alleviate the costly trip to the vet.  Don't worry, this is a short list and should not break the bank.

Clip your dog's nails about every 2 to 3 weeks to keep them short and manageable.

My Personal Recommendations 

Nail Clippers

The most important of all the Shih Tzu nail supplies is the nail clipper.  Dog nail clippers are used to keep the dogs nails at the right length. 

For puppy nails, a small human nail clipper works well. You can also use a nail clipper designed for a cat. It won't be long before you will need a regular dog nail clipper as little nails tend to grow rapidly.

For adult dog nails you will need to purchase a nail trimmer, either a guillotine type or the scissor type.

The Guillotine type of nail clipper has been around the longest and has a sharp cutter that normally doesn't splinter the nail.  The nail is placed between the blades in a circle area and then the nail is cut when you squeeze the handles together.

The Scissor type nail clipper works very much like a scissor.  Some of them have guards so you do not clip too close.  To use the scissor type nail clipper, position the clipper blade where you want to cut and squeeze the handle, just as if you were using a pair of scissors.

Puppies nails can be clipped with a human toe nail clipper, but be sure the clipper is very sharp.  Dull blades will not cut completely and can splinter the nail.

The following Shih Tzu nail supplies can be purchased directly from this site and represent items that I currently own/use or have used in the past.

They have worked well for me and my many dogs, but every dog is different and what works well for one person may not be appropriate for another. 

This site gets a tiny commission if you buy from Amazon directly from this site.  We appreciate your help and everything helps keep this site up, running and allows us to add material on a regular basis.

Master Grooming Tools Stainless Steel Ergonomic Professional Nail Clippers with Rubber Handle, Small, 5-1/8-inch

Nail clippers come in different sizes and if you are doing a Shih Tzu's nails, you will want to use a small clipper.
Nail clippers for large breed dogs will work, but they are a little more awkward to use.

It is really a matter of personal preference whether you use a Scissor type like this one or a Guillotine type like the one pictured below.

Resco Chrome Original Dog Nail Trimmer, Small and Medium

When it comes to nail clippers, you can't go wrong with this sturdy American-made product.

This company started making them back in 1937 and they were the only type of clippers available for many years. 

The blade is sharp and will last.  You can also purchase replacement blades when the blade dulls if you like.

Cat Clips- For Regular Trimming of Your Cats Nails

If you have a cat or two and regularly clip her nails, a cat clipper will work reasonably welly on a puppy and young adult Shih Tzu. 

You will know when your Shih Tzu has outgrown the clipper when the nail does not fit well.  is a reasonably priced cat nail clipper that you can use on your puppy.

Nail File or Grinder

For smoother nail clipping, You might also want to get a regular metal nail file to go over the nail after you have clipped it.

The metal file soothes any ragged edges left by the nail clipper so you don't get scratched by freshly clipped nails. 

A nail grinder similar to the ones used by manicurists works well on adult nails to smooth out rough edges.  Some dogs will tolerate these better than nail clippers.

Safari Pet Nail File

I try to introduce puppies to nail files early.  This one works well for that purpose. 

Puppy nails are hard to grind, so the file works better. A few swipes back and forth over the newly clipped nail is all you really need to assure a smooth surface. 

This is really a must if you have young children and do not want them accidentally scratched by an exuberant puppy.

Master Grooming Tools Cat and Dog Cordless Nail Grinder Kit, Pink

OK, so maybe I'm partial to pink, but my works great on my adult dogs and is easy to use anywhere since it is cordless. 

Some dogs do not like the feel of the vibrations, so if your dog is skittish about the grinder, let him hear the sound and then touch his skin gently and quickly with the grinder just to have him feel the sensation.

If you have more than one dog, a dog nail file grinder is going to wear out quickly.  SOLUTION?   Use a Dremel type tool.  You end up saving money and the tool can be put to all kinds of uses in addition to doing a really good pedicure job.

Styptic Powder

Hopefully this is one of those Shih Tzu nail supplies you will never need to use.  But, you should still keep some  in your Shih Tzu Grooming Supplies Toolbox, if you accidentally cut into the quick of the nail, making it bleed.

You might prefer silver nitrate sticks for clotting any bleeding that occurs when you clip to short.  You may never use it but if you do, you'll be glad you have it handy.

For more information on clipping nails, please visit our page on

how to clip dog nails.

Nail Polish, Anyone?

I admit, I personally do not have any nail polish in my personal Shih Tzu Grooming Supplies Toolbox, but some people do and love it.  This is one of the fun things you can do with a cooperative Tzu and it will get you attention when you are out and about.


  • Even though the product may say one coat coverage, you are likely to need more than one coat.

  • Some dogs are allergenic, so if your dog looks distressed, coughs, sneezes, etc., it might be safer to keep her in the "all natural look." It is not worth keeping in your Shih Tzu nail supplies box if your dog hates the thought of polish.

  • The bottled polishes work better than the pens.

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