Why Opting for Shih Tzu Short Haircuts Makes Sense

Shih Tzu Short Haircuts |Published 09-22-2023

Shih Tzu dogs are very popular for their beautiful, long coats. But they also need a lot of maintenance. Cutting them short is the best answer if you need a practical solution. Many Shih Tzu owners prefer short haircuts as Shih Tzu short haircuts offer a wide range of benefits. Long-flowing coats are necessary if you plan to show your dog but for the average pet owner, those long locks are almost impossible to maintain and still give your dog the freedom to enjoy all aspects of being a dog.

Rosie-girl8.jpgPuppies are born with a single coat that is very short. Their hair grows slowly all over their bodies. They are ready for their first haircut when they are five months old.

While short haircuts are good for such dogs, they may not be for every dog. For instance, if your Shih Tzu has sensitive skin or is prone to sunburn, you shouldn’t get this haircut.
It is important to consider all aspects of your dog’s needs before getting a haircut. It may seem simple, but it can greatly impact their health.

Why Choose Short Haircut for your Shih Tzu

moya-and-raja.jpgThere are many reasons why a short style for your Shih Tzu makes sense

Short hair can benefit your pet in so many ways. Knowing the practical benefits will make it easier to decide.
Here are nine reasons why Shih Tzu Short Haircuts makes sense.

Nine Reasons Why Shih Tzu Short Haircuts Make Sense

1. Ease of Maintenance

Shih Tzu short haircuts are easier to maintain than long coats. If you have a busy life, a short haircut for your dog is a bonus. It will take you less time to brush and clean after that. Additionally, even with short hair, your dog will have flowing hair.

2. Prevent Overheating

Shih Tzu dogs are prone to overheating. If your region is not cool enough, you can minimize the risk with a short haircut. It will help in hot weather especially. Your goal should be to keep your dog cooler and more comfortable. This is the least effort you can make to keep them happier.

3. Reduce the Risk of Hair Matting

matted-hair.jpgDespite this, it looks like a pile of hair; a Shih Tzu dog is underneath all that hair.

Shih Tzu dogs are also prone to hair matting like overheating. The long, flowing mane makes them look adorable, for sure. But the risk is hair matting increases with every inch of hair they grow. Indeed, caring for long hair is not easy; if you forget to comb your hair regularly, it will get tangled. This is especially true in sensitive areas like under the chin, behind the ears, and under the front paws. Shih Tzu dogs don’t like being groomed in these areas, yet they are the first to mat when hair remains long. Short hair is the perfect answer for it.

4. Keep Them Cleaner

puppy-bath2.jpgSome dogs love baths, but some prefer climbing out of the sink as fast as possible.

Long hair means dust, dirt, and grime accumulation. And it will happen more often than you would like. For instance, the dog’s bottom will be much filthier due to fecal matter caught in the fur. A shorter haircut can reduce this risk and ensure your dog's hygiene. Plus, cleaning your dog will be a lot easier with short hair. Consider this benefit before deciding on a haircut for your dog. No one loves wet, slobbery puppy kisses from a dog whose mustache and beard are dirty and wet. Shorter facial hair prevents dirt from accumulating on the face when they drink from a bowl or sniff something less than desirable. Consider the number of puppy baths you care to give, not to mention how long it takes to dry the hair of a long-haired Shih Tzu

5. More Freedom

Shih Tzu dog running in the yard.Shih Tzu dogs love to run, and all that long hair can get tangled in shrubs and bushes.

Shih Tzu short haircuts will benefit your dog more than anyone else. How? By providing them with more freedom. Short hair can give them more freedom to move, run, and play. And, we all know how much Shih Tzu dogs love to run and play. It’s nearly impossible to allow a long-coated Tzu to enjoy a romp in the yard. Additionally, they will be less bothered by insects, twigs or grass awns, and foxtails. Removing this type of debris can be time-consuming to you and painful to your dog.

6. Reduce Shedding

Shedding is integral to having a dog; you cannot avoid it. But you can reduce the amount of hair shedding with a short haircut. Yes, I know what you say: “Shih Tzu dogs don’t shed!” Indeed, Shih Tzu hair is not subjected to seasonal molts as many dogs do; they do loose hair, but normally, that hair becomes entangled into the coat, creating mats. This will happen with short coats, but are easier to remove.

7. Healthier Skin

Short hair offers better circulation. This will help keep them cool and reduce the risk of fungal or bacterial infections. It will also help maintain healthier skin. You can also keep your dog safe from other diseases and constant scratching. Since many Shih Tzu dogs are prone to allergies, short haircuts make caring for itchy skin easier.

8. Fewer Visits to the Groomer

Shih Tzu dog is sitting on the grooming table with the groomer Professional grooming every four weeks can get expensive overtime.

Shortcuts take longer to grow out, so if you are cost-conscious, you might opt for a shorter style. Typically, Shih Tzu dogs need grooming every 4 to 6 weeks, but if you choose a shorter style, you may be able to stretch out those trips to 2 months or more. This works out to big savings over time and is just as healthy for your dog.

Final Thoughts

Shih tzu short haircuts are the practical solution to keep them efficient, happy, and comfortable. When it comes to short haircuts, you have plenty of options. You can still style them to look amazing. Consider the benefits and choose a short haircut over a long mane. You will be thankful later.

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