Shih Tzu Ear Cleaning Video

By Janice Jones     |Last Updated 03-24-2024

If you've gone the D.I.Y. route, this Shih Tzu ear cleaning video will help show you how easy it is to do this task at home. 

Of course, you can use what you learn on any dog breed, but is especially helpful for all those dogs whose ear hair continues to grow inside the ear canal and may need removing from time to time.

Most dogs do not like having ear hairs pulled from their outer ears, so they must be conditioned and trained to stay still while you remove a couple hairs at a time. 

A few good treats, lots of praise and a few human hugs and kisses will help even the most resistant of dogs. 

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For more information on how to care for your dog's ears, click here to view our Shih Tzu Ear Page.

Watch our Ear Cleaning Video


  • Clean ears before the bath
  • Apply ear powder to ear
  • Use your fingers to pluck a few hairs at a time
  • Use a good ear cleaner after removing hair
  • Use cotton balls or cotton tipped applicator to remove debris
  • Observe and examine ears for infection:  If ears appear red or inflamed, make an appointment with your vet

We hope that the ear cleaning video helped.  If you need supplies to help make this task easier, consider the products below.  These products are available from Amazon and you can purchase them directly from this page by clicking on the image.  Any purchases you make from this website helps support the costs associated with helping me keep this website up and running, and there are no additional costs to you.

All products featured on this and other pages on our site are ones that we have tested, used and like.  We only recommend products we have used or are currently using.  But, just because a product works for us does not mean it will be perfect for you.  We appreciate you and do hope this helps.

Useful Ear Cleaning Products

Ear Powder and Hemostats

I always add a small amount of ear powder before attempting to remove hairs.

It provides just enough friction to allow me to pluck hairs out by my fingers, but also makes removing hairs with a hemostat much easier.

Once you've added a little powder to the ear, you can normally pluck out hairs using your fingers.  If you don't want to use your fingers, a pair of tweezers or hemostats works very well.  You will want to assure that your dog holds still, as it is easy to grab a bit of skin instead of hair in a squirmy puppy or adult dog.   

Hemostats are useful for other things like removing ticks so they might make a good addition to your grooming box.

Ear Cleaning Solutions

After removing the excessive ear from the canal, you may want to clean the ear using a ear cleaning solution.  I've added a few options for you below.  I've used them all and like them equally.

Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Ear Therapy

Zymox Ear Cleanser Solution

Does Your Shih Tzu Ears Need More than Just Cleaning?

It's true that this breed has it's over-abundance of ear problems and not all of it is due to dirty ears.  Allergies, especially seasonal allergies causes plenty of discomfort in this breed especially when it comes to ears.  If your dog is continually scratch, whimpering or crying from pain due to ear problems, it is time to call your vet. The constant irritation due to itchiness can result in ear infections.  Ear infections may be best treated by your local veterinarian.  Some of the best ear medications require a prescription.  

There is a distinctive odor that accompanies ear infections.  I know it's gross and difficult to ask, but get up close and smell your dog's ear.  Do you detect an odor?  If so, a phone call to your vet is the next thing on your to-do list.  Your dog needs help from a professional.

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